!!! The KEY to the ARK of LUCIFER !!?

The KEY to the ARK of LUCIFER !!?


Alfred Adler: “A lie would have no sense unless the truth were felt as dangerous.”

So the legend goes (amongst those that handle the highest secret of human existence), the ARK of LUCIFER, an artifact that controls the lifespan of humans, was placed in the LINCOLN CATHEDRAL in England. This artifact works on some sort of vibratory frequency that makes changes at the molecular level of the living tissue, or the key of the DNA, thus controlling longevity.

This is conjecture: Of the 144 people that were allowed knowledge of the ARK’S existence in the 1920s, only 12 people hold the real KEY to the ARK of LUCIFER.

After many years of study, I believe there are SHAMANS and false shamans (the second kind, are witch doctors, sorceress, magicians and the like). The first kind, the true shamans, are very unknown by humans; when you read or hear “experts” (anthropologist) talk about shamans, they are referring to the second kind, the false ones.

The true SHAMANS are as secretive as the riddle inside a mystery—wrapped in an enigma. These SHAMANS are the very few, living in isolation in the mountains, jungles or in the middle of a big metropolis where they can live completely undetected—they are also called IMMORTALS. These rare human beings, if we want to call them that, have mastered the art of shape shifting and immortality by controlling their own DNA and energy body—the key that controls longevity (and of course some other keys that are unknown, that possibly have to do with shape shifting and the like). These IMMORTALS control matter by tapping into vibratory fields. These humans are the only creatures outside the influence of the ARK of LUCIFER.

Keeping the IMMORTALS in mind, let’s move on to the subject of the LINCOLN CATHEDRAL for a moment. Apparently, as part of the architecture of the CATHEDRAL, there is an “imp”—a scary gargoyle. Among numerous legends about this peculiar statue, the most popular is the one that talks about the imp being sent by SATAN to take over and destroy the CATHEDRAL, but was stopped by angels, who converted the “imp” in to a stone statue. If this is the popular anecdote, the story that everybody was told (and continued telling) by the political and religious hierarchy of that time, you can count on it being just brainwashing of the masses— a story to hide the truth. But, I can tell you, the imp is not there because an angel turned him to stone, it is there as an obscure, occult symbol. The imp is the guardian of THE ARK of LUCIFER—otherwise, why would they adopt the imp (a evil symbol) as the symbol of the “City of Lincoln,” Lincolnshire where the Cathedral is located. To further exemplify the importance of this symbol, which guards “THE KNOWLEDGE,” an 1899 reproduction of the imp was placed overlooking Lincoln College at Oxford University.

To historically place you with the 144 recipients of the KEY of the ARK OF LUCIFER, I have to call your attention to a historical event that is alleged to be closed related. Please read this Wikipedia extract that talks about the gathering of very prominent people at the end of the World War I.

“When the Armistice was signed on 11th November, 1918, it was agreed that there would be a Peace Conference held in Paris to discuss the post-war world. Opened on 12th January 1919, meetings were held at various locations in and around Paris until 20th January 1920.

Leaders of 32 states representing about 75% of the world's population, attended. However, negotiations were dominated by the five major powers responsible for defeating the Central Powers: the United States, Britain, France, Italy and Japan. Important figures in these negotiations included Georges Clemenceau (France) David Lloyd George (Britain), Vittorio Orlando (Italy), and Woodrow Wilson (United States).”

Researching the connection of these peoples with Masonry and occult societies, starting with Woodrow, i’ll blow you away.

doe unknown historically it has being seed that a small group amongst the attendees of the peace conference, that finish in 1920 in Paris, was also a gathering of decision maker over the future holders of the KEYS, the mater was top secret and only came in to light through family tales (can’t Google it) way afterward in death bed confessions. Allegedly 144 KEYS were fabricated but only 12 of those really opens the vault were the ARK OF LUCIFER is kept at, so the holder were told when they received the KEY in presence of the ARK.

By the way and so to live this a bit clearer, apparently the decision of whom was going to be holder of the KEY was not related to the out come of the first world war, it had to do with the lineage of different families and the connections and achievements of some individuals connected with the MASON’S occult society.

Masons are the ones, (so the myth goes), connected with the knowledge of LUCIFER, they call him also THE MORNING STAR, you’ll see this name in their literature and as a name of the Masonic Loges, in fact one of the oldest one in Washington D.C is call like that and it is in 15 street, the street of the devil.

BUT WHO IS REALLY LUCIFER? : To begin with LUCIFER it is not SATAN, in western mythology “well understood” LUCIFER is the one who give knowledge to man in EDEN .So were we made by LUCIFER? LUCIFERO GENITUS Lucifer -fera-ferum (lux/fero) light bearing,:, light bringing:equi,the horses of the moon,Ov.;manus(of Lucina),Ov.

Myth M.as subst. LUCIFER-feri. (I)Lucifer the morning star, Thot Luciferi, the planet Venus, the son of Aurora, and father of Ceyx, hence: Lucifero genitus.

Though LCIFER is just a western adaptation of the same concept from ancient cultures, THOT in Egypt, IXION in Greek, SHAHER Canaanite so on and so forth back to SUMERIAN BABILON, were there was not just one GOD there were many, and apparently they ether created man or at list fiddle with its natural evolution by giving them the knowledge to start “THE SISTEM” of structural civilization as we know it.

We where “taken” from spontaneity and introduced to Reason, from non ego to ego, from divine to human, from the Golden Age of IMMORTALITY to finite mortals. That is the message in the myth of LUCIFER, the bringer of the light (LUCIFER from the Latin meaning light-bearing, light-bringing), who gave us knowledge=REASON.

So apparently for what I have gather until now LUCIFER come to change our evolution, our way of life, of being, Not that the ancient books, also the BIBLE as a plagiarized version of them, talks about humans that were able to live 300, 600, even 1000 or more years before THE FLOOD, it seems that when the GODS came not only shorten our life span but also created this humongous cataclysm to wipe out most of humanity, living few of ass with their knowledge to start a new civilization, THE LUCIFERIAN WORLD ,THE NEW WORLD ORDER (look at the pyramid in your dollar bill) ,they left ass “THE SISTEM” .

Why would it be an Egyptian pyramid in an American bill? Why all the most important ancient civilizations of the world had pyramided or pyramid temples? Why the Masonic temples have paraphernalia, pictures, and bas relives, statues depicting scenes and peoples from Egypt to Sumerian? Why many important cities in the world have Egyptian obelisk in the center of the town, France and England have the real thing broth back from Egypt, The Vatican has one in the middle of San Peters square (funny this one belong to Caligula the most corrupt and depraved roman emperor ever existed) why would they put that in the middle of the Vatican square? , Buenos Aires, Washington D.C have them to, (the Washington monument, in 15 street is 555 fit tall which sum is 15 the number of the devil or LUCIFER in the ancient TAROT cards) by the way no building in Washington D.C can be built taller than this obelisk monument.

The obelisks are a symbol of the GODS, in top of them sits a pyramid, in occultism the obelisk is consider the phallus of LUCIFER, that penetrate the air to create matter, in ancient past the pyramid was also call the BEN-BEN used by the GODS to come down to hearth.

So we star seen here a correlation bitwing the builders of our society THE MASONS (95% of US presidents where and are MASONS) and the builders of temples and sacred structures like the LINCON CATHEDRAL where the ARK of LUCIFER is. This temple was built by William the Conqueror (a MASON of course).

In 1072, before the cathedral was built St Mary’s church in Lincon was the mother church, meaning the most important catholic temple in England, were the ARK originally was at I was told. William instructed the builders to make a CATHEDRAL taller than the pyramid of Giza, and for the first time in the world England become the land with the tallest building on earth. How the ARK was removed from St Mary’s church and placed in the CATHEDRAL yet remains a mystery, what is not a mystery so the legend goes is what append when Bishop Alexander (ether without the right knowledge or disregarding the procedures) try to retrieve the ARK or fiddle with it for an unknown purposes. This was about 50 years after the cathedrals opening in 1092, the bishop perpetrated the first attempt, cosign the ARK’S reaction, a devastating fire that consumed the totality of the CATHEDRAL, the temple was rebuild, but forty years later in 1185,when no bishop was in charge, a second attempt was made by “unknown assailants” but the ARK caused and earthquake that again destroy a big part of the temple.
By the way Alexander the bishop of Lincon is the one who commissioned Geoffrey of Monmouth whom at the time was clerk in Oxford, to investigate the story of the immortals, as history shows he discovers in of information about the subject in Italy and ends up writing Prophetiae Merlini, and Vita Merlini, afterwards Monmouth writes Historia Regum Brittaniae History of the kings of Britain , the myth of King Arthur and ofcourse the adaptation of Merlini in to Merlin in the all saga.

Also well known is the Dean’s eye (or known as LUCIFER EYE amongst the privy ones) a window in the north transept, said to be created in 1220 depicting the Last Judgment, and for “some” showing an enigmatic code to prevent the APOCALYPSES.

Now why was the CATHEDRAL built there? As all most every important Christian temple this one was erected over a LEY LINE, this lines conform an electro magnetic grid that covers the all globe, as the energy lines of the body used by acupuncture, the earth grid itself has being known for millenniums to Shamans, psiquics, magicians an the like, from the builders of the megalithic STONEHENGE to the builder of the MAYAN civilization, in fact the church, throughout Latin America, destroy the well known Indian sacred sites to build on top their temples ,assuring themselves the obedience of the aboriginals and the control over the LEY LINE .

To understand the importance of the LEY LINES in relation with the ARK please bear with me the following extract: From the book “ANTI-GRAVITY AND THE WORLD GRID edited by David Hatcher Childress.” “The spectroscope shows that there is an enormous magnetic field around the sun, and it is the conclusion of the best minds that magnetic lines of force from the sun envelop this earth and extend to the moon, and THAT EVERYTHING, NO MATTER WHAT ITS FORM ON THIS PLANET, EXIST BY REASON OF MAGNETIC LINES OF FORCE.” “ All the mathematical evidence amassed so far indicates that the maximum number of individual elements to be found in the universe will be 144. Each of these elements will have, in theory, six isotopes, which will make up a completed table of separate substances numbering 1008. An isotope is an atom of the same element, which has a different nuclear mass and atomic weight. Mathematically, the progression would create 144 octaves of separate substances giving the theoretical value of 1152.The difference between the total number of substances (1008) and the harmonic value in octaves (1152) would be 144, the light harmonic.

Once the precipitation of physical matter has occurred, the buildup of substances take place according to a very well ordered mathematical sequence. Light-waves, guided seemingly by superior intelligence, form interlocking grid patterns which graduate from the simple to the more complex, as the elements from hydrogen at the lower end of the scale, to element 144 come into being.” “Man is chained to his geomagnetic cycles,” says Hurtak, living in “planetary bondage to its own Light field” or "solar magnetic field paradigm”, operating under” the ancient astrophysical status of Light upon hearth” Human exist on Earth, adds Doris Lessing, within their “terrible bondage, the chains of necessity that grasped them… This web was an iron, a frightful necessity, imposing its design” Our electromagnetic spectrum, dispensed by the Sun and mediated through the Polyhedronic Crystal Grid, is both our familiar home and our frightful jail, depending on our orientation”.

“Einstein declared that physical matter was nothing more than a concentrated field of force”

So extrapolating, if everything we see as matter is no more than Light, a field of energy, and this field is under the influences of the electromagnetism from the Sun, the planets, the Galaxy, even the black hole in the middle of the Galaxy, it is plausible, from an extraterrestrial point of view, the creation of an instrument, like THE ARK OF LUCIFER, to alter the vibratory field of energy of the planet or the body’s of the inhabitants, shortening there lives, for wherever purpose they are pursuing.

There is plenty of evidence in ancient history of intervention of superior beings in earth maters for those that want to see it of course, one of the really cool ones that I have come across, is a piece of apocrypha, a text that the church did not want you to see o become aware of, and deliberately did not include on the bible cataloging it as apocrypha: “THE HYPOSTASIS OF THE ARCHONS” (Reality of the Ruler”)(Gnostic).

From “The Other Bible” edited with introduction by Willis Barnstone. “The hypostasis of the Archon proclaims, as its title indicates, the reality of the archonic Rulers: far from being merely fictitious, imaginary powers, the Archons are all to real.

These rulers indeed exist. This is a grim reality for the Christian Gnostics, who define their own spiritual nature in opposition to that ruling and enslaving Authorities. Yet, as this documents promises, the Christian Gnostics can have hope, for their spiritual nature will be more glorious. In the end the Rulers will perish, and the Gnostics the children of the light, will know the Father and praise him.”

Today very few important and rich peoples in the world have access to this type of secrets like the ARK OF LUCIFER , I can help but speculate that case in point will be TOM HANKS and RON HOWARD whom where filming in the LINCON CATHEDRAL part of the DA VINCI CODE movie ,wail probably researching the next film , guess what that might be?...

I have being and investigator in this field for 35 years, obcessibly and relentlessly looking for the ultimate answer to the riddle of humanity, as an specialized TV journalist travel the world for many years, herd many things, but the most shocking was a frace by John Lear “Do not go in to the light when you die”, if we understand Light as being a vibratory field, no mater how ethereal of a light being or how high up in the scale of cosmic evolution, it all ways be subjected to the energy forces of the universe. As spiritual person I believe that spirits can live in the light but they are no light, pure spirits do no vibrate, other ways they will be in some form or another mater, subjected amongst other things to destruction. The opposite of going in to the light will be becoming completely liberated from it and the world of mater.

Now how I become involved in the ARKS mystery and what is my connection to it?

Years back, in Sheffield England, attending a conference put together for the release of the “Alien autopsy video” about the Roswell incident, I was conducting interviews with different countries representatives (experts), in a rises, walking the halls of the convention center, checking the stand with different materials related to the yandra, I come across a very distinguish gentleman, from a prominent family, whom I will identified as the TOWER, with whom I struck a great friendship, (rare, an Argentine and a Brit) but what it was rare was what he end up confiding in me ,The story of the ARK of LUCIFER ,impress but not totally convince I try to investigated the all thing with out much of a result I have to say, as I explain to you ,you can’t Google this staff .Couple of years went by till I got to Rome where I met Il Conde Rocco Singaro (supposedly holder of one of the Holly Grails), one of the true last TEMPLAR ,he organized a muck ceremony of nomination of a new Night or Caballero Templario ,were beside filming and doing interviews for my TV special , I had the opportunity to mingle cuait extensible with other Night Templars ,amongst them one that I will identified as THE HORSE ,after I toll him my moms side of the family was Piemontese (north of Italy) he immediately ask the last name and I said Merlini , suddenly he went into a very euphoric rant about heraldic symbols and houses related to my lineage to finally associate my ancestor with the TEMPLARI NELLA PIANA PIEMONTESE.

!!WWooohohoooou !! I tought , Farther from me bursting he’s bubble (no that I cut nor that I new that it was true at that moment) I when along with it, since he was so enthrall in the all thing, we end up taking about all things and for some reason my inner voice told me to ask about the ARK of LUCIFER, and he went blank for a moment, like his hard drive was totally crashed, recovering all most instantly trying to minimized his obvious shock, there are probably only 5 or 6 people in Italy that know about this he said, who send you he ask, I say no one, better than I thought he sed ,and I replied why, it doesn’t matter he sed . THE HORSE end it up seeing :I am not the one you should consult, and give me the name of someone at the Vatican his alias for the porpoise of kip him in anonymity will bi the BISHOP (quait appropriated), I met him out side the Vatican and he told me the same thing as THE TOWER did back in England, but he went in to detail about the 12 KEY, pointing out the difference bitwing the 132 keys that did not open the vault of the ARK and the 12 that did, to begging with he sed the KEY is a CORSCREW whit the representation of the LINCON CATHEDRAL as a handle, but only 12 of the 144 have a very distinctive measurement and proportion having to do with the towers of the temple ,this 12 KEYS are inserted in a sort of metallic 4x4 with holes placed at different distances one to the other , this master Key is at the CATHEDRAL , once the 12 KEYS are inserted in the 4x4 the heads of the corkscrew protrude from it ,on the side of the door of the vault of the ARK, hi continues, there are many rectangular holes from the ground to the ceiling ,but there is only one spot were the master KEY should be placed for the door to open, he went on and on about details of his own investigations a the Vatican archives , apparently the other KEYS are important to ,but only after the vault of the ARK is open .

The KEY as I come to believe later on, is fashion in the form a corkscrew and it’s significance had to do with THE WINE OF THE IMMORTALS, when the Gods took the daughters of man and born children, this become the ancient known as TITANS, this is also a very murky legend but it sims that they were drinking some sort of beverage call THE WINE OF THE IMMORTALS, in some places alluded as AMBROSIA, what ever it was it had the power to extend life, or prevent whoever was drinking it to be under the spell of the ARK OF LUCIFER .

I was told by the BISHOP that a year or so after the 144 key were fabricated, many more were fashioned all most like the originals but not with the same measurements, in an attempt to hid the story in the event of a lick, making them look like souvenirs from the town of LINCOLNSHIRE.

As and implacable seeker that I am, I new that one day I was going to come across one of this KEYS, I felt it dimply as I haven’t felt for other mystery before, so I waited, few months ago my wife told me to check e-Bay ½ joking ½ seriously, which as an idea it sounded to me very possible, after many years past since the KEYS were given, I thought, people past away without telling any thing about the story to anybody, daughters or sons dealing with their heritages or states sale the herums, the possibility of some of the KEYS being lost ,misplaced, sold for antiques or de like , wasn’t all that improbable, so I started to follow e-Bay CORKSCREW action(CRAZY) ,until one day “I SO IT” , there it was before my own eyes ,it was mind bugling ,freakishly unbelievable , the goose bumps in my skin were the size of palmetto cockroaches ,I try to control my self because even thou this was a corkscrew with the resemblance of the CATHEDRAL I was no sure if this was one of the KEYS of the ARK of LUCIFER ,franticly removed some boxes from the closet were I had my old archive ,looking for a note book with ,what I was told, where the measures and proportions of the towers of the temple ,to corroborate if this was in did one of the real KEYS, !!!“AND IT WAS”!

I think that for the rest of my natural life I will all ways come short explaining the euphoria that took over me, I did not sleep that night, I cut not even call the BISHOP nor the TOWER whom I had the most trust in, we had agreed of a different type of communication and telephone or E-mail was not an option, I was told to fallow strict measures regarding the information of the KEYS, and to kip in a very low profile my affiliation with my CHEST FIGURES.

No long after, I establish contact with the BISHOP, and he said: the TOWER and I agreed that your best move is to get red of the KEY OF THE ARK OF LUCIFER as soon as possible, it is no longer important, there are people looking for it, let them have it, do not complicated your life for such a small thing, in any case they will not be able to used it, it will end up being just an status symbol, the “B” group controls the ARK and not even them know what to do whit it, the KEYS are obsolete, there are just dusty relics, what did you think? That you can get together with the other holders and go open the Vault were the ARK is at? Hang your hat you are not Indiana Jones, beside the damm corkscrew is no “IT” go get “THE WINE”.

"Nec perit omnino, maris observabitur imo, vivere perpetus poterit rex ordine primo: ista tibi referro, caetera claudo sinu" MERLINI.

JAL- Divine Anarchy



As soon Bush took power, he said that he was not going to increase the military budget, and right there and then I knew something was going to happen, since no Republican president in history had ever planed not to do it. I thought something smelled fishy, that something was behind it that I was unable to see. And of coures THERE WAS.

Being a president imposed on the nation by the “Supreme Court” and not by popular vote, Bush lacked the support of more than a half of the people of this country. He needed then to rally the masses, but how? It is a well known the fact that Rumsfeld had said by that time that America needed “a new Pearl Harbor,” so the machine went to work. In the first 6 month of the administration, Bush ordered a military airplane to invade Chinese air space, creating an international conflict; he strongly criticized Russia for its activities in Georgia, creating a backlash from Putin government; and he restarted an intensive bombardment of Iraq, igniting eastern resentment. These were, now that I am seeing them from a distance, minutia—something just to keep the Media and the world opinion occupied with something else and not in the fact that his seat of power was seeing as lacking legitimacy. (Daddy reminded him that he had been a wimp in the public’s eye until he invaded Panama and after that he was a strong dude.) And like father like son Georgy stung the beast and the beast reacted (so much for the peaceful, compassionate Christian). While this first phase of “THE PLAN” was underway as a means to distract the public, the meatier part of “THE PLAN” was also underway, but not with the scrutiny of the public.

This second part of “THE PLAN” involved Ariel Sharon of *ISRRAEL.* The right-wing orthodoxy in the Holy Land did not like what had going on during Clinton’s presidency. the Palestinians had advanced too much in the territorial arena, and the idea of splitting Jerusalem with “Them” was, to say the least, repugnant, and so it went.

When everybody thought that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was all most resolved, Ariel Sharon and Bush launched the second part of the plan, lets call it “FINGER UP” short for (lets stick our finger up the Muslim World Ass and make them mad as hell) and so it came about that Ariel Sharon (accompanied with a couple hundred of his gorillas), for apparently no good reason, took a stroll on the OMAR Holy Mosque and all hell broke loose again. Like a well-thought-out Pavlovian experiment, the Palestinians got up in arms, and the right-wing orthodoxy put on a Mona Lisa smile. The almost Clintonian-Middle East peace was over.

Now let me go in to a bit of history to clarified way Zionism/Judaism/Holy Land is so important in the grand scheme of things.

Jerusalem, The Holy City, or the territory that it occupies has being taken and retaken many times, from Canaanites, through the Hebrew/Jewish invasion, the Romans, the Muslims etc.

The basis for Western civilization is the Judeo/Christian tradition, and the seat of this ideology is Jerusalem. To be more exact, it is underneath The OMAR Holy Mosque. Yes underneath.

When the Muslim took over Jerusalem, the Jewish religion’s Holy of Holy “The Temple of Salomon” was no longer, and on top of the temple’s ruins the Mosque was build. And what is even more important, from my point of view, is that one of the seven gates of the city was shut down permanently—as is to this day. Why is this gate so important, you ask yourself? And the answer is: because it is through this gate that the Jewish Moshiaa (messiah-savior) is suppose to enter the city of Jerusalem to save the chosen ones, the Jewish people (so the myth goes). So in order to fulfill the “PROPHECY” of the Jewish savior, the Mosque must be destroyed; the Holy of Holies “Salomon’s Temple” must be rebuilt; the Ark of the Covenant reinstated; and the 7th gate reopened.

Since the ignorant masses are rallied by “SYMBOLISM,” it make sense that this would happened, otherwise the root of the Western civilization would be on shaky grounds philosophically.

This may give you an idea of why the British empire invaded Palestine in the 40s and gave the Jews the land so they could create the State of Israel. Some argue that the British needed a base of operation and a strong ally near the Suez Canal, to be able to protect it. But the reasons run much deeper than that …

So why provoke the Islamic world? What good can come up from it?
Well I tell you what they thought:

1-The more Muslims are provoked, the more they are going to react by throwing bombs. And the more they do it, the better for Israel, because they can counter-attack and kill as many of them as possible, destroy their houses and occupy more of their land. It is a great deal. After all, Israel will pay with few thousands deaths, while in few years, at this pace, they will have killed hundred of thousands of Palestinians. The few left will escape to other countries and finally Israel will have all of the land for themselves, exonerated by the “World Community” because they were rightfully defending themselves.

2-And so the thinking went: If the Muslim world was pushed hard enough, they might cross the ocean and attack the U.S. again. And that would be exactly what they want. We will have another Pearl Harbor; the masses will be polarized behind the administration, forgetting, mind you, their partisanism, and will give the president an excuse to invade the Middle East with troops and create a permanent residence in the heart of it. And from then on the imperial behavior of our grandfathers will look like child’s play--obsolete, compared with the new strategy of pre-emptive attack based on our rights to defend ourselves. It is the perfect crime. Cloning our model of society will open new markets, and lets not forget the OIL.

It is an old trick actually. I have seen it before in Argentina.T the Military Junta “Provisional Government” (the South American Cain of Neo-Fascists) did something similar. When the people of Argentina were fed up with the Military, and just about to throw them out with a civil war, the Military created the Malvinas/Falkland War. And that took them from being almost lynched by the mob one week to heroes of the nation the next. Everybody and their grandmother forgot the past and rallied behind them like their were Gods.

So you see, the Masses are very easy to control and manipulated when you know a little more than they do.

3-Why war, war, war and no peace? Because the masterminds that are crafting the future of the Americans and Jewish people know that war will create an economy based on war, industry based on war, and of course expertise in war--more than any other culture. Let’s not forget the other very important by-product of this strategy: it will increase paranoia in the population of the warmongering states, who will be afraid of retribution. Remember, those cultures who are more fearful and paranoid increase their chances of survival exponentially compared with more “relaxed” cultures. Who are the most paranoid people in the world? Who has the most advanced in security systems in the world? Who profits the most for war in the world?

Now lest come back to the present and the symbol of capitalism in the western world THE TWIN TOWERS OF NYC.

Before they were brought down, they had been attacked few years back. So not just the FBI and the CIA knew that there were a target, everybody with a little brain matter knew.

This country spends $40 BILLON (with a “B” people) dollars a year in security agencies and they did not know? Add to that the security services of Great Britain AND Israel that always work together, and they did not know?

Of course they did! They knew that Al Qaeda was behind it the first time around. They knew the same people were getting ready for the 2nd attack. They knew the method they were going to use. They knew that Al Qaeda members were training with airplane. They knew that the Capitol was vulnerable to airplanes--the proof is that a few years earlier somebody landed a Cessna on the White House lawn. Of course, the highers-up in the government knew. They just sat down and waited for it happened.

There is a large body of evidence that Roosevelt knew Pearl Harbor was going to happen and did nothing. There is the same, if not more, evidence that this government knew and, as its predecessors did, did nothing to stop it.

As an aside, the UN declared that the war was “ILLEGAL” but there has being no sanctions against the USA. In the end, what can you expect from them? They can be extoritioned like the best of players.

Well the UN, in fairness, is responsible for creating legitimacy behind the idea of “ISRAEL,” a country created on the base of a myth: God “told” them that Palestine was their promised land. How convenient.

Imagine for a moment that the United States military power was very, very small, and the imperialistic British took over Wisconsin by force and created the Jewish State of Israel there. The result would be the creation of the finest terrorist/freedom fighters in the history of mankind—all those displaced Wisconsinites who no longer had their homes or their lands that their ancestors had for generations. It almost happened to Argentina. (Bear with me here a little longer and indulge me with a bit of history, to show you this is not too far fetched.)

From “Prelude to Israel” An analysis of Zionist Diplomacy 1897-1947 by ALAN R.TAYLOR. (Theodor Herzl was the founder of political Zionism and the first Zionist Congress) “…Therefore, in the summer of 1895 he (Herzl) composed a pamphlet entitled, ‘Der Judenstaat’ (The Jewish State), which advocated the establishment of a British sponsored Jewish colonization of Argentina or Palestine with a view to the eventual creation of a sovereign Jewish National State. The fact that Herzl even considered Argentina as a prospective location for a Jewish state seems incongruous in light of Zionism’s later preoccupation with Palestine. However, it should be understood that Herzl’s concern was a solution to the problem of Anti-Semitism, not the fulfillment of the prophesies of traditional Judaism.” [Meaning that eventually from Argentina they were going to get to Palestine no mater what. JAL].

“The idea of Zionism has existed for centuries as a facet of Jewish and Christian thought. In the former, it has been the result of an association of Judaism with the ancient kingdom of the Hebrews in Palestine. In the latter, it has existed since the Cromwellian period [Cromwell a Mason of course! JAL], when it was supposed that the coming of the Millennium, or the thousand year reign of Christ on earth [the myth. JAL], would be accompanied by a restoration of the Jews to Palestine.”

Since the kingdom of David was destroyed, many other kingdoms and nations have been destroyed or rearranged into complete different entities. As just one of many examples, take the Armenians. They were scattered around the world, and they are still today without a homeland. Why don’t the masterminds of the rearrangement give a crap about them and the others?

Can it be that the Jewish idea is one of the most important polarities in the world? How about the Masons behind the whole strategy? From one side they are preaching equality, fraternity and secularism, while from the other side they provoke and support Polarization, and they work against the most basic freedom, Self Determination. (Does conservative neo-fascist Bush’s unilateral imposition of democracy rings a bell?)
They do this because its their core belief that it is far better to create a historical event whose outcome you know, than to let history progress naturally and not be able to control the results. They do this because they know that by producing the clash in polarities you make societies to grow. And so we are played against each other for their idea of evolution. How old is this idea? Well, it’s a lot older than the OLYMPICS and all that they represent: competition, winners and losers, the survival of the fittest and all the Newtonian/Thomistic/Darwinistic insulting anachronistic crap, which is causing this stagnating, unevolved period of Humanity, where humans are equated with animals in a jungle were the strongest survive (and impose their rule).

Abu Mazen/Mahmoud Abbas has called his neighbor “The Zionist Enemy” !!!Whooooohooohoouu!!! That’s harsh, but I bet he got permission from ARIEL to say that so he could win the election--and then get what in exchange? He’ll give up East Jerusalem and won’t make them uncomfortable with the mention of the territorial divisions of the 1968 treaty? Whatever it is he will obey or he will die, because the brotherhood is always the victor, and the masses… Well the masses can be easily led to believe anything.

(By the way I have Semite ascestors so don’t even go there.)

“Why is it that all ‘reputable’ scholars and mass media columnists and commentators reject the cause and effect or conspiratorial theory of history? Primarily, most scholars follow the crowd in the academic world just as most women follow fashions. To buck the tide means social and professional ostracism. The same is true of the mass media.”

The Muslim world has been hit hard. The TSUNAMI keeps adding victim every day. And it is not a disaster, a disaster could be a 100 to 5,000 dead. But when more than 220,000 people—mostly Muslim--die it is a CATASTROPHE.

CONSPIRACY… there is always one, isn’t there? Of course there is. There are two ways in which history comes to be, Gary Allen notes in his book: one is accidental, by chance, randomness, if you will; the other one is by provoking or creating the event. Remember that conspiracy means a plan or agreement between two or more people to commit a subversive act. So, with all the planned, subversive events that have happened through the ages, there is no reason why anybody shouldn’t believe in conspiracy. And while the TSUNAMI could have been natural, there are many conspiracy theories about the TSUNAMI being man-made. I have my own that I can hardly believe myself, but here I go. I will present it to you as a rough sketch that you can investigate and come to your own conclusion.

The affected countries are mainly Muslim, with plenty of American-flag-burning rebels and Al qaeda supporters. The Western movement, spearheaded by the Americans, is looking really bad in Eastern minds after Iraq and Afghanistan. How can we turn their minds around and make them see how good we are (while also lowering their numbers by almost a quarter of a million at the same time.) Hmmm… by creating a Catastrophe and then deluge them with an outpouring of help. How can we create such a thing Hmmm..? An atomic detonation it is out of the question, as it would be detected. How about creating an electromagnetic overload in the tectonic plates of the region so they move and create a very natural looking TSUNAMI …Can it be done?

The answer is HARPP (Googol it).
Also read about Ley Line and the world electromagnetic grid.







ELEVEN again. My first blog was a poem whose main subject is ELEVEN.
Yesterday ELEVEN was commemorated in Europe to mark the end of World War I , which ended on the ELEVEN hour of the ELEVENTH day of the ELEVENTH month. (Did somebody have a chronometer at hand!?). At the same time Bush presided over a ceremony at Arlington Cemetery on Veterans Day, which takes place every year on the ELEVEN hour of the ELEVENTH day of the ELEVENTH month. Guess what time it started? At 11 minutes after 11 a.m.

ARAFAT death (assassination?) on Nov. 11 was announced and covered by TV
networks around the world. (Now this impeccability is shown only by the highest MAGICIANS).

(Remember 9/11 and March 11 in Madrid?)

I have being somewhat disappointed with the level of responses that I have
received. 95 % of you engage the subject matter with an almost
Bush-voter-like-intelligence pattern. Yes I know this is insulting, but when I
revised the answers to my last blog and see that only a meager 5% understood
that it was a metaphor I can't help it.

Now here it is again my poem, hoping somebody will decipher it, and win the

(Mirum Occultum)

Nine eleven, three eleven, eleven again, eleven again,
If Bush is going out, Kerry is coming in, Skull and Bones, Skull and Bones,
Eleven again, eleven again.
Eleven is the eagle and the meaning of the Aleph,
The general number of Magic and the energy tending to change,
Eleven again, eleven again, the Magic itself.

Nine eleven, eleven again, three eleven, eleven again,
The Turkish brothers recognize the trend,
Minorities, Meditators and Magicians are the danger, the Dagger was in the Air.
Putting forward no name, I smelled the Galbanum when it was broadcast by CNN.
M, M, M, eleven again, eleven again, 33rd degrees is up for blame,
After they blow up the Spanish train.

In Sepher Sephirot is eleven, eleven is to tear, eleven is to cut, is to attack, and proud, and haughty, to conceal, and circularity of form and motion.
The Sufis are dancing, reality artificially changes,
The masses are blinded while the Kings fake their pain.
Champion of Enochian chess, 13 blocks from the White House, the secret pope awaits.
The Great Light his new religion, Novus Ordo Seclorum, The New Age.

Eleven again, eleven again, I am not a dreamy poet, I just happens to be awake.
I know what are you doing with the number, eleven again, eleven again
Playing with Tetragrammaton’s eleventh key, House of Dead, Mass Slaughter, again, again and again.
We will remember the Number of Sins, the Tower, stop Directing the Power of Air
Minorities, Meditators, Magicians, polarities is not IT, 33rd stop the elevens, the
blood and pain, in secret there is no power, in spontaneity lies the gate.

By: J.A.L. D1


SUPERMAN has died, under Georges W Bush’s watch. He could have been saved if 4 years ago stem-cell research had been given the green light. But George W. was more concerned about pleasing the Neo-Fascist right wing Christian conservatives than giving people hope.

So SUPERMAN died, as well as the SUPERMAN AMERICAN ARCHETYPE around the world. Americans used to be viewed as the Paragon of Justice, Righteousness and Wisdom, but Bush has made sure that this SUPERMAN died, too--and for the same reasons.

That in my book it is really bad FENG SHUI.

Yep, SUPERMAN is dead and Bush stands with his pockets full of Kryptonite, without any alibi.

It is time to stand against the ARCHVILLAN.


I am feeling Good Indeed , today is MY BIRTHDAY

The oldest Masonic symbol, the double-headed phoenix or eagle, was discovered in Lagash (Iraq). It is believed to be between 5,000 and 7,000 thousand years old. Though some say that Masonry is even older than the last flood.

Lets start with what “I” call DANARCHY or what it is known as DIVINE ANARCHY: There is no book, religion, nor Master that will teach you what it is. It is in itself unreachable, ungraspable. And if you find somebody that will teach you (as with any other religion), your first move should be to run away--the faster the better--because they are after your money and your power. (This is the real vampire that will suck the little humanity that it is left, out of you).

Yes, you are right to think that this is the stuff that cults are made of. One of them is called The Ten Thousand. In Miami, I was doing an interview with a very prominent Rabbi, philosopher/writer. Afterwards, perhaps swayed by my knowledge of the esoteric, he invited me to be a part of The Ten Thousand. I said, “No thank you.” And he replied, “But you don’t understand. This is a very select group of … and I cut him off saying, “I know what The Ten Thousand are and I’m not interested. You are part of it, right? But you are still a Rabbi, aren’t you? Then what good is it?” And he said , “No, but we’re all of different religions, and we can still be part of it.” I replied, “If you are part of The Ten Thousand and you’ve found what I think you’ve found, and you are still a part of the Jewish religion, a practicing Rabbi, the you’ve understood nothing.” And with a thank-you, a hug and a smile we said goodbye and he left.

Later I thought, the Rabbi either did not understand the full meaning of what he had achieved, or he did did understand but was not going to try to tell anybody, because they would have look at him as a traitor to his own religion, beliefs, traditions, and culture.

So you see it is very difficult for anybody who comes across the zero point to explain it. First because it is a personal and unique experience, and second because all humans in their infinite fear, do not want to burn bridges, annoy their own communities, and become a pariah, an outsider, a loner, a crack pot that dos not believe in Jesus Myth, when everybody knows he “really existed because Mel Gibson made a movie about him.”

This group of The Ten Thousand is based on a practice called Ascension derived from teachings of JOHN of PATMOS, or St. John the Divine. It is a method to get in touch with the “Divine.”

“-19. I, John, saw the spiritual temple open and I saw the ark of the testament, the familiar symbol of God’s presence, completely visible in the Holy of Holies. This realization comes through correction and purification. Now I realized that there is no veil between God and man; no separation between God and man when this Revelation is understood.” This is from: “STUDIES in the APOCALYPSE OF JOHN OF PATMOS” By Edyth Amrmstrong Hoyt.

Manly P. Hall wrote the follow: “Nicephorus Callistus declared the Gospel according to St. John to have been discovered in a cavern under the Temple at Jerusalem, the volume having been secreted ‘long anterior to the Christian era.’ The existence of interpolated material in the fourth Gospel substantiated the belief that the work WAS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN WITHOUT ANY SPECIFIC REFERENCE TO THE MAN JESUS, the statements therein accredited to Him being originally mystical discourses delivered by the personification of the Universal Mind. The remaining Johannine writings--the Epistles and the Apocalypse--are enshrouded by a similar veil of mystery.”

By Manly P. Hall about Alchemy: “Alchemy, the art of the land of Khem (Egypt), is one of the two oldest sciences known to the world. The other is astrology. The beginning of both extends back into the obscurity of prehistoric times. According to the earliest records extant, alchemy and astrology were considered divinely revealed to man so that by their aid he might regain his lost estate. According to old legends preserved by the Rabbis, the angel at the gate of Eden instructed Adam in the mysteries of Qabbalah and of alchemy, promising that when the human race had thoroughly mastered the secret wisdom concealed within these inspired arts, the curse of the forbidden fruit would be removed and man might again enter into the Garden of the Lord.”

BY JULIAN JAYNES “THE ORIGIN OF CONSCIOUSNESSIN THE BREAK-DOWN OF THE BICAMERAL MIND” “It is, then, this pattern of essential ingredients, the strong cognitive imperative of religious beliefs in a cohesive group, the induction procedures of prayer and ritual, the narrowing of consciousness into a trance state, and the archaic authorization in the divine spirit and in the charismatic leader, which denotes this phenomenon as another instance of the general bicameral paradigm and therefore a vesting of the bicameral mind.

John of Patmos, if he really was the one who wrote revelations, obviously also achieved the Divine Anarchy point, but ended up giving a Christian flavor to the ecstasy he experienced. His experience becomes Polarized by his alliance to his faith.

The Ten Thousand, the group I was referring to before, is an offshoot of John of Patmos’ ecstatic experiences. Further reading on this subject can be found in “FIRST THUNDER - An Adventure of Discovery” By MSI. This person actually went to Patmos island to visit the hermitage where John the Divine lived, and there he experienced Ascension. There is a behind-the-scenes international that I would love for you to discover.

Tibetan monks try to stop their “mind chatter” by meditating or by another type of exercise, chanting. They chant the same words over and over, in a monotonous and never-ending fashion, to the point that it triggers the no-thought point, the zero point. The Indians in America will beat their drums sitting in a circle, chanting a very repetitive ballad. Buddhist will repeat mantras such as OM MANI PATME UM, and those who follow Caribbean Santeria dance and chant to until they reach an ecstatic state. These are all techniques to bring about the ceasing of thought, to achieve zero point, to connect with what I call DAnarchy, Cristians called God, Budist Enligthment, Satori in Japan, Nirvana in India … so forth and so on.

By Manly P. Hall: “The Old Testament--especially the Pentateuch contains ... Locked within it, the secrets of the Egyptian initiators of the Moses concerning the genesis of the god-man.” ****** “The hopeless confusion of divine principles with the allegorical figure created to represent them to the limited faculties of the uninitiated (I would add, “the masses”) has resulted in the atrocious misconception of spiritual truths. (PLEASE STOP AND READ THE LAST FOUR LINES AGAIN, AND KEEP THE MEANING WITH YOU.) Concepts well-nigh as preposterous as these, however, still stand as adamantine barrier to a true understanding of The Old and New Testament symbolism; for, until man disentangles his reasoning powers from the web of venerated absurdities in which his mind has lain ensnared for centuries, how can Truth ever be discovered?”


But why are we confusing DIVINE PRICIPLES with allegorical figures? (example Jesus).

When Moses left Egypt he took the knowledge of its people and allegedly wrote the Pentateuch, refurbishing the idea of the GOD-MAN or the GOOD-MAN within a cultural context that his people could understand, giving them the basis for a new religion. By now, if you have been reading my posts, you know what POLARITY means, but here is the reason they are produced. It is all about RACISM, the separation of cultures by means of creating a new vision out of the same old concept, GOD-MAN or GOOD-MAN.

Now you can dress that Divine Monkey any way you want and call it anything you like. And you can believe that your way is the only way and the rest are wrong, that it is your prerogative. But the POLARITIES that you are creating by calling that monkey the Christian God, Jesus or something else, provokes clashes of cultures, sufferings, murder and destruction among humans, and you are an accomplice in the massacres, bashing, discrimination and prejudice. Anybody that supports a POLARITY is knowingly or unknowingly guilty of that.

DAnarchy or Divine Anarchy is not a religion, it is not a new Cult, Philosophy, Credo, Doctrine. It is not even a Path, as I inadvertently and wrongly stated in a past post, it is just a state achieved by the mind, if you will, that anybody can achieve by stopping the flux of thought, a zero point of vibration.

Wean I say DAnarchy, it is only to give it a name, as a point of reference, for you to understand, but you can call it anything you want. DAnarchy for me is the most accurate approximation I can come up with, and no it is not a cult/religion or anything resembling any structure--read the definition of it again.

And by all means question reality always, all the time, I can probably tell you things about my experience that might help you find the way or not, but ultimately the key is in you. NOBODY will teach you to open the door, and there is nothing truthfully written about it either.

By H.P Blavantsky: “After the first copy of the Book of God, has been edited and launched on the world by Hilkiah, this copy disappears, and Ezra has to make a new Bible, which Judas Macabeus finishes; *** when it was copied from the horned letters into square letters, it was corrupted beyond recognition; *** the Masorah completed the work of destruction; finally, we have a text, not 900 years old, abounding with omissions, interpolations, and premeditated perversions.” (See Isis Unveiled.)

And perhaps one of the latest reshufflings of myths in the so-called Holy Book was when two Masons, King James and Sir Francis Bacon were in charge. (nobility and pedigree in charge of popular symbols) .Most people who study the modern Bible are reading the King James version.

By Manly P.Hall “It was in recognition of Bacon’s intellectual accomplishments that King James turned over to him the translators’ manuscripts of what is known as the King James Bible for the presumable propose of checking, editing, and revising them. The documents remained in his hands for nearly a year, but no information is to be had concerning what occurred in the time. Regarding this work, William T. Smedley writes: “It will eventually be proven that the whole scheme of the authorized version of the Bible was Francis Bacon’s.”(See the mystery of Francis Bacon) The first edition of the King James Bible contains a cryptic Baconian headpiece. Did Bacon cryptographically conceal in the bible that which he dared not literally reveal in the text –the secret Rosicrucian key to mystic an Masonic Christianity?”

The hierarchy, be it royal, priestly or political, has always manipulated the symbols that control the consciousness of the masses. We can go back in history as far as humanly possible for examples, but I would rather take events related to Christianity because they are relatively closer to the contemporary historical framework.

As an example I would like to site THE BORGIAS -- a powerful family that knew the force and weight of the symbols in the psyches of the masses. Apparently Leonardo Da Vinci created the Holy Shroud of Turin (that supposedly cover edJesus body) for this family. Paraphernalia related to the alleged crucifixion was in vogue, so much so that kings and powerful families were trying to outdo each other by finding the latest connection to the event. Around the 12th and 13th centuries--for the first time in history--things like the nails, a piece of wood from the cross, the crown of thorns were circulating around Europe. This need to acquire a holy relic is still seen in our day and age. Hitler, on the recommendation of his secret occult society TULE, sent Otto Rani and a group of archeologist throughout Europe in search of the holy spear that perforated the side of Christ, and to Spain to look for the Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail never existed. It was a poetic creation of Chrétien de Troyes. After him, seven other accounts came to light, one of them being “Parzival” by Wolfram von Eschenbach. Both of these men were related to Masonry, Prior of Sion secret society, the Templar lore, so on and so forth.

I have personally seen two of the three or four cups the people claim were used in the alleged Last Supper--one in Spain in the hands of the Catholic church, and the other one in Rome, in the hands of Count Rocco Singaro (Master Templar - “Sator-arepo-tenet-opera-rotas” in quotes, a puzzle, just in case you want to go after a cool one) I had the opportunity to hold the latter cup in my hands. Both of them are sculpted from a piece of alabaster/marble type of material--old but unimpressive. If a cup of the Last Supper even existed, it probably would have been a wooden cup, a very modest piece, not a very valuable one that was as elaborate as a sculpture.

The last attempt to distort and reshape history again involves the Mason. This time, they are carefully “disseminating” so-called historical documents (The Dossier Secret) that say that Jesus Christ died on the cross but his bloodline lived on in the child that he and Mary Magdalene conceived. This “child” is the root of the lineage of the Merovingian royal family. (How convenient!) This will reiterate or solidify the supremacy and leadership of the western world over the planet, because you know, “WE” are the descendants of the blood of Christ--related to GOD, no less. (Henry Lincoln wrote “The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail,” which is a lot better reading material than The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Neither has ties (that I know of) to Masonry, but are certainly very useful peons in the Enochian Chest game.

By Manly P. Hall: “ There is no doubt that much of the material recorded in the first five books of the Old Testament is derived from the initiatory rituals of the Egyptians Mysteries. The priest of ISIS were deeply versed in occult lore, and the Israelites during their captivity in Egypt learned from them many things concerning the significance of Divinity and the manner of worshiping it.

When I mentioned in a past post that neither Religion nor reason are the next step of evolution, I was referring to the possibility that everybody can achieve Zero point (DAnarchy). John the Divine of Patmos was an example of this. It is believed that St. John never died; he simply went away into the mountains. Apparently he was such a perfect being that by performing ascension he could stop his breathing, his heart and transmute his body at will--he stopped aging and become immortal.

This is the next step of human evolution, but we will never achieve it until we clean up “the religious Mare magnum of distortions.”

When you die, if you really want to be free, do not go into the light.

(It wouldl be wise for the newbies to read the last two posts to fully understand this one)

“Anyone who is not shocked by Quantum Theory has not understood it” --Niels Bohr

It has been said in some philosophical circles, that the next battle it is not against terrorism but between Religion and Reason.

This next battle, which some of our bright, contemporary “thinkers” are finally beginning to understand, is not new. It started in the 18 century with the dawn of the Age of Reason. What these “thinkers” do not understand is that, sadly, before the battle is over, with the clear supremacy of Reason over Religion, more than half of humanity will be exterminated. It is then that our race will discover that it was all in vain, that Reason is not the next stage of human evolution, but yet another distraction equally dangerous as Religion.

Religions is institutionalized ritualistic Magic. Religion has two aspects: the EXOTERIC and the ESOTERIC. The EXOTERIC part is the one that everybody knows about, the big headlines that brainwash the masses. Let’s call it the structure of the ritual. The ESOTERIC part is the hidden knowledge, the Mysteria, the Alchemical or Magical foundation, the force behind the ritual. This secret part is only accessible by the “INICIATED ONES, the MAGIS, the HIGH PRIESTS, the CRAFTSMAN or the master MASON.” The EXOTERIC is the ritual, the ESOTERIC is the force behind the ritual.

The scientific world is in the verge of discovering the implications of the brain’s quantum activity. Some people called sliders apparently have the ability to turn lights off without touching them. These events are being seriously studied. In European laboratories human subjects are moving little robots with their brainwaves. Scientist are realizing that the so-called paranormal world might be intricately related to brain activity.

“THE PHYSICS OF CONSCIOUSNESS” by Evans Harris Walker: “To understand what actually goes on, we must first understand how this minuscule world of quantum wonder might effect the world we experience. Then we must understand how the consciousness and will that we have already shown to have quantum mechanical nature can affect matter by manipulating the indeterminacy that underlines every physical event.”

Today those who “at WILL” can “affect matter by manipulating the indeterminacy that underlines every physical event” are called Magicians, Sorcerer, Witches, High Priest and so on. These individuals are altering reality by “WILLING IT,” their will is driven by their EGOS, which in turn creates an imperfect reality, but a reality nonetheless that they can control for their own benefits. Or in the case of the egomaniacal type, he will use that WILL to “social engineer” our reality his way, because he thinks he knows best. (And no, I am not talking about George W., who is consider by the intellectual elite as dumb as a doorknob and just a puppet of THE BROTHERHOOD.)

These are the ones that create hell on earth, their “CRAFT” is imperfect so, as a result, their product is imperfect. They are very visible and successful, and so are their activities, but not the consequences, which are inevitably bad for humanity.

Then there is the other type, the kind that can “affect matter by manipulating the indeterminacy that underlines every physical event.” But this type can infinitely surpass these achievements not by EGO-WILLING, but by using SPONTANEITY. These are call Divine Anarchists or DAnarchysts. The product of their selfless or egoless acts results unequivocally in good for humanity. And they are invisible; they do not call attention to their acts.

The ego creates vibration, in itself the ego is ONE, the first step in an ondulatory motion of a wave function, while the absence of EGO is ZERO.

The zero “0” vibration in a human being is acheived by stopping thought or “mind chatter.” At this point the spirit is liberated and is open to Infinity, connecting itself with all it was, is and will be--call it AKASHIC archives, the sublime bank of wisdom. At this juncture, the ultimate, purest intelligence purrs into your body and makes you act spontaneously, in a perfect way, as a DAnartyst. When the spirit goes back to equilibrium, it connects with totality and at that moment it realizes that it is Immortal, Infinite, Eternal and Divine.

While the perfect state of the spirit is ZERO (no vibration), as soon as the spirit is trapped in matter it is subject to all sort of energetic bombardment (gravity, electromagnetism, geological planetary and galactic), which in turn provokes disequilibrium and makes the spirit acquire vibration. (Matter being the jail of the spirit) and this is when the spirit is subject to hierarchical law.

One might say, then, that the direction of the spiritual human evolution it is not toward vibration (making dense matter/materialism, capitalism, egoism under hierarchical law) but toward non-vibration.

Divine Anarchy is how we express Divinity; it is our essence, but most of as don’t know it.

“And in the beginning there was nothing (CHAOS)”, which is not disorder but the absence of the need for order.
DIVINE ANARCHY is the expression of the spirit in the cosmos (CHAOTIC and STRUCTURAL) that does not follow hierarchical laws or structure of any kind, and it is only achieved by the extinction of the ego and the acquisition of true spontaneity.

In the Tarot deck we know that the expression DIVINE ANARCHY or equilibrium is ZERO--the Divine Anarchist par excellence is the fool. The magician is ONE.

Scientists know that our galaxies were spit out of a white hole--or from a zero point—that’s where everything started. And scientists also know that black holes exist, where matter disappears into the middle of it in a “strangling” zero point. So if one accepts that the vibration mode of the spirit is ZERO, our way in and out of this material universe is ZERO.
A camel will pass true the eye of a needle before an impure man does. (The camel doesn’t have the “egotistical vibrational charge” the man does.)

When the spirit enters the body (Matter), it is immediately affected and restrained by hierarchical laws, by RELIGIONS that are suppose to show the way of liberation but instead become the structural jail. And the same thing can be said for pure Rationalism.

You must act in equilibrium, which is zero, no vibration. Then “WILL” is no longer yours, but from the source--Divine Anarchy and pure knowledge. At that point, there is no fear, no wanting, no EGO driven WILL. Fear creates vibration. Wanting something creates vibration. Acting upon your will based in your ego creates vibrations.

So EGO prevents us from achieving “bliss,” “nirvana,” “enlightenment,” “satori” and so forth.

Let’s pause for a moment and see here who on our planet uses their ego to its fullest: political and religious leaders, artists, stars, sportsmen, scientists, and everyone that has achieved success, position or power by his or her own will.

Visibility is, without a doubt, a sign of EGO. It does not matter if you are Buddha, Zoroaster, Mohamed, Sai Baba, a Mystic or any of the known Prophets; if you create a POLARITY by trying to explain your mystical experience, you are part of the mess not the solution. That’s because words cannot explain a mystical experience. Add to that the person’s particular interpretation based on their cultural background, and you get EGO-POLARITIES, which create millions of followers. Those followers, by defending “their truth” provoke genocide more savage and despicable than Jim Jones, David Koresh and Manson put together and multiplied a million times.

Krishnamurti recognized this fact and denounce himself, admitting that he was wrong, but it was to late.

With their signature of energy, these ego-driven “famous” figures marked our lives forever, creating polarities of energy, which in turn, clashed against each other, provoking what we experience today. (Islam vs. Christianity to site an example.)

In large or small scale, everyone is trying to impose their view on others. Depending in the power of their WILL and their EGOS, they irrevocably effect the environment in which they exist. When this occurs matter becomes harder and harder, egos stronger and stronger. And we end up imitating the most popular of these figures, or becoming ourselves the new EGO-brand in the market.

This behavior is happening all over the planet. There are very few that have escaped the trap and move freely in this earth and universe as immortals.

We where “taken” from spontaneity and introduced to Reason, from non ego to ego, from divine to human, from the Golden Age of immortality to finite mortals. That is the message in the myth of LUCIFER, the bringer of the light (LUCIFER from the Latin meaning light-bearing, light-bringing), who gave us knowledge=REASON.

In the Vedas (ancient sacred text of India from thousands of years before Christ) or the Oahspe Bible, you will find references to Fragapatti, one of the first known “saviors” of humanity. Fragapatti comes to “save” Hoab and the people of Zeredho. According to the text, these people were living in a state of perfection, heaven on earth. But, according to Fragapatti, since they did not know JEHOVIH, his father and GOD creator, they were in spiritual decay. So he gave them the knowledge.

Fragapatty says:
... The inhabitants lying at ease, some amusing
themselves weaving threads of light, then unraveling
them and weaving them over again; others playing with crystals and lenses and opaque and transparent
elements, but not one neither doing anything for another; nor, in fact, needed they, for all were capable of doing for themselves.
(Fragapatti; VI, 10)

It was apparent that they didn’t, in fact, need to be save.

By Brian Rotman:
“For Aristotle, engaged in classifying, ordering and analyzing the world into its irreducible and final categories, objects, causes and attributes, the prospect of an unclassifiable emptiness, an atributeless hole in the nature fabric of being, isolated from cause and effect and detached from what it was palpable to the senses, must have presented itself as a dangerous sickness, a God-denying madness that left him with an ineradicable HORROR VACUI”

By Marcel Proust:
“It has indeed been said that the highest praise of God consist in the denial of him by the atheist, who finds creation so perfect that he can dispense with a creator”

I do not believe in the myth of Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster, Fragapatti and the saviors that humanity has had until now. But believe you me, we can learn a lot cross-referencing all those myths.

Matthew 26:39 "And going a little way forward, he (Jesus) fell upon his face, praying and saying 'My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass away from me. Yet, not as I WILL, but as you WILL.”

This mythological religious figure is relinquishing his EGO-INFECTED WILL, for the WILL he has known by achieving Divine Anarchy.

All religions still have the primordial knowledge, THE KYE, but are so changed and diluted that it is all but lost in the sea of utter nonsense, The truth of the mystical experience is so devastatingly mind blowing, that most of those who achieve Divine Anarchy “come back” thinking that they have seen God or talked to him, when in reality they have perceived the grandiose potential of the spirit--they have talked to and seen themselves in the mirror of infinity.

God does not exist as we have been led to believe. WE ARE GODS.

“In the zero point of a wave function is the path way to infinity.” --J.A.L DAnarchyst

--J.A.L DAnarchyst
SUGABABI 06 says:
“Jesus hung out with the pagans as he hung out with the Christians.”

My reply: …And he was sent by Jehovih his father to earth, to save mankind and he “THE LORD” came and his name was Fragapatti … this happened 10,000 thousand years before the myth of Jesus. (Note the similarity between Jehovih and Jehovah from the Old Testament.)

Jesus never existed his myth is a copy of a copy of a copy repeated throughout generations in many different eastern cultures, and I would like to site one of many books I have read about the subject. From:”THE JESUS MYSTERIES” by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy: “We have become convinced that the story of Jesus is not a biography of a historical Messiah, but a myth based on perennial Pagan stories, Christianity was not a new and unique revelation but actually a Jewish adaptation of the ancient Pagan Mystery Religions”

The Jews plagiarized 90 percent of the Old Testament from sacred text from other cultures that were written hundreds and thousands of years before. It is a historical fact that the Jewish where not a highly cultured people, in comparison to other more advanced civilizations that lived and thrived at the same time. They lacked breadth of literature, music, painting and philosophy, preferring to stick to trade, traveling continuously around the Middle East adopting and adapting from other cultures. That’s the way the Old Testament come about, when they settle in the new occupied land of Canaan after conquering it. (By the way, I have Semitic ancestry, so don’t even go there with anti-Semitism.)

So the New Testament, which was based in the Old Testament, came about during Constantine’s time. This was the time when the myth of Jesus was establish in a generalized way; although the origin of this myth began with the sect call Q, which settled in the north of what is now called the Holy Land, approximately 87 A.C. They created it for occultist reasons, but that is a whole other posting. (Could it possibly be that the all western civilization it is based on Jewish plagiarism?) But lets get back to the Jesus factor and the book I mentioned.

“At the heart of the mysteries (Pagans) were myths concerning a dying and resurrecting goodman, who was known by many different names. In Egypt he was Osiris, in Greece Dionysus, in Asia Minor Attis, in Syria Adonis, in Italy Bachus, in Persia Mithras. Fundamentally all this godmen are the same mythical being … We were able to construct Jesus’ supposed biography from mythic motif previously relating to Osiris-Dionysus:

# Osiris-Dionysus is God made flesh, the savior and “Son of God”
# Osiris-Dionysus’ father is God And His mother is a mortal virgin.
# Osiris-Dionysus is born in a cave or a humble cowshed on December 25 before three shepherds.
# Osiris-Dionysus offers his followers the chance to be born again through the rites of baptism.
# Osiris-Dionysus miraculously tursn water into wine at the marriage ceremony.
# Osiris-Dionysus rides triumphantly into town on a donkey while people wave palm leaves to honor him.
# Osiris-Dionysus dies at Easter time as a sacrifice for the sins of the world.
# Osiris-Dionysus: After his death he descends to hell, and then on the third day he rises from the dead and ascends to heaven in glory.
# Osiris-Dionysus’ followers await his return as the judge during the Last Days.
# Osiris-Dionysus’ death and resurrection are celebrated by a ritual meal of bread and wine, which symbolize his body and blood”

Now these are more than similarities with the “life” of Jesus. This is what was plagiarized. It was even more obvious after Constantine (350 A.C. to 400 A.C.) the time they really took up the task of inventing Jesus Christ for the masses.

Then SUGABABI 06 said: “If we could be perfect by ourselves then why would we need God?”

My reply” This is the point. W e do not need “him.” we only need to achieve Divine Anarchy. I truly appreciated your candor, and your willingness to question and try to establish an honest debate without recurring to name calling. However, I have studied religions (esoteric and exoteric, and occultism) all my life, and I want to expose to the public how we are immersed in lies and how destructive to humanity the whole sham is.
Now the roots of the myth, “The goodman” story, is something that I will cover in the future. If you honored me with your visit, you’ll find out. Thank you.
(The bible is an historical document but by not stretch of the imagination is historically accurate)

Answering to Anonymous who said: “You have to take into account that not all people of a particular religion act the same way”

My reply: Yes, I think they do proudly and unreservedly make visible their alliance to one religion or another, CREATING A POLARITY. They polarize themselves, putting themselves above the rest because they are followers of “THE TRUTH,” which other religions don’t hold (otherwise they would have chosen to be in a different religion.) Religions always discriminate: The treatment for someone “outside the faith” (pagan, gentile, infidel—especially when it comes to marriage!) is always different than the treatment of those who share that faith, hence the polarity.
And, your next concern, you said: ”While I concur that religion is quite flawed and is used by some as a means of manipulation, you also have to see the beneficial effects of religions that are inherent in the value systems and laws imposed by many of them.”

My reply: From my point of view there is absolutely nothing beneficial about the effects of religions and their inherent value systems. Since men have created them, they are from the start polluted by men’s EGOS.

Further more religion was created by men using their rational brains (their left brains, the brain that gives you speech, the mathematical, geometrical brain the brain that is related to matter not the spirit) See JULIAN JAYNES-one of the 10 most important psychologist of our times--in his book “THE ORIGIN OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE BREAK-DOWN OF THE BICAMERAL MIND. He explains that men had, in the ancient past, the ability to use both brains the right and the left The right was used predominantly to be in contact with their “gods,” and in a much lesser way the left was used for menial everyday work.

A primordial man that JULIAN JAYNES calls “the god run man.” This man did not need religion because he was connected to the source directly. This man, he states, loses the use of the right brain because of a cataclysm. Suddenly, this man finds himself disconnected from the source, and here is when man starts to write scriptures to catalog the ideas of the “gods” (see by Willis Barnstone “THE OTHER BIBLE” Ancient Alternative Scriptures and you will find here a chapter “The Hypostasis of the Archons” The Archons are also called the Rulers or the Watchers. These are the ones who ruled over men, and the ones who cut the connection and left men on earth limping with only the right brain working--the brain they wrote scriptures with to remember their “gods’ teaching.” But because of their nascent egos, this knowledge was polluted from the beginning and become more so up until today .

See also chapter called The book of the Secrets of Enoch 1 and 2, and you’ll realize who these Rulers were and what kind of technology they had. And if you follow my page, I will try to give you a glimpse of way they did what they did. I will stop here because this gets too complicated to explain all at once, and I’d rather do it in increments. But suffice to say that the Watchers knew what they were doing and what was they were going to provoke with their departure: men with a limping brain that was going to produced a limping philosophy/religion, an imperfect understanding of the truth--like a car in the desert with the tires on one side deflated, so that it ends up going around in circles never going anywhere. That is what is call the OROBORUS that I have mentioned, The Wheel of IXION, the rational limping brain that LUCIFER supposedly started.

We are in jail until we figure the way out.

Then you said: “Oh, I hate to be a pain but you took "To be or not to be" out of context as it clearly refers to the question of suicide”

My reply: I would like to respectfully disagree with you there too. I understand you are analyzing it in a literary context, like the general public erroneously does because they still think that Shakspere, or who is commonly known as Shakespeare, wrote it. But the real context is OCCULTIST linked with Rosicrucians, and the man behind “to be or not to be” is Sir Francis Bacon a ‘Mason’, (see ”MASONIC HERMETIC QABALISTIC & ROSICRUCIAN SYMBOLICAL PHILOSOPHY by MANLY P.HALL”) with a long lineage of knowledge that comes from the times of the Sumerians passing through the Egyptian Mysteries. So, “To be or no to be” is not what you think it is.

Finally, you point out the following: “You also appear to be creating a label for yourself through your own preaching of "Divine Anarchy" which seems to somewhat contradict your post in a paradoxical kind of way”

My reply: Yes, you are right, I have created a label but it is purely for demonstrative purpose, to work with your left brain, because if I demonstrated Divine Anarchy instead of creating the label, I will be creating a POLARITY, which I do not want to do. If you read carefully what Divine Anarchy is, you’ll conclude that there is no label to define it; there is no structure; there is not hierarchy; there is no preaching of any kind that can capture its wholeness. It goes against the very idea of Divine Anarchy.

By the way I do really appreciated your comment.

I have been called names. I guess some people call you names because they want to denigrated you and put you down. Some of them call you names because they are not educated enough to participate in an intelligent debate, and so they get angry and lash at you with whatever words they can come up with from their limited arsenal. Others call you names because they want to feel secure, and this is a quick and safe way to label and characterize you. That way they can put you on an imaginary shelf in their mind so that anytime they encounter you, they can go to that shelf and “know” who you are with their preconceived opinion.

I think they are afraid of what they do not know, and by labeling you they achieve a sort of fake peace, a false sense of security, or shall we say, an inaccurate control of reality. Because if it takes you perhaps your entire lifetime to understand yourself, how can somebody else knows you—much less through a small piece of writing?

In some of the replies to my posts:
I have being call an ATHEIST, which I am not.
I have being call an ANARCHIST, which I am not
I have being portrayed as an IGNORANT DUMBASSES for not understanding the value of freedom, accused of attacking Christianity and Judaism. While I did not try deliberately to attack anything or anybody, I understand why someone would think so, as I was trying to simply express myself in the most spontaneous and honest way.

I am married to no party, philosophy, religion, way of life or thinking, I am an ever-changing person. If you need to put me in a category, I am a human--that’s it--a human. Any other denomination, I feel, is discrimination. It’s trying to polarize things, and the more polarities there are, the greater the chance they will crash into each other for the sake of winning and imposing their beliefs.

Just look at religions for a moment. They look good in “concept” but what about in practice?
Jews discriminate against outsiders calling them GENTILES.
Christians discriminate against outsiders calling them PAGANS
Muslims discriminate against outsider calling them INFIDELS.

These are polarities created by men whose purpose is to establish a rift, a division, a “secret society,” an “association of men,” a club, if you will, to “CONSPIRE” (have you heard the phrase? “THE MOST EVIL THING ON EARTH IS THE ASSOCIATION OF MEN”) to win over the others, so they can impose their will on others, control them, manipulated them and ultimately exploit them if they can.

So to all you name-callers, labelers, polarizers of the world, who think they are fighting for “freedom” or the “right way,” remember, understand and truly assimilate the meaning of this paradoxical phrase: “THE ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS.” How is it that everybody is good, but we end up living in such a messy reality? Shouldn’t this be a great world if we all want good things for humanity?

The human WILL is polluted by EGO; that is why things are the way they are. So what about taking EGO out of the equation? Some will argue that if you have no EGO you can’t WILL things to be, and that is where DANARCHY comes alone. DANARCHY is a shortened for DIVINE ANARCHY, which has nothing to do with ANARCHY. It is the movement of WILL without EGO and preconceived rational thinking. Have I achieved that? No totally, but I am on the path of DANARCHY. Some of us are naturals; some went true MAGIC—SHAMANISM--and end up becoming a SIDDHI only to realize that it is just the first step to DANARCHY.
In the end, freedom is a concept few understand but many embrace as the ultimate truth, making it the ultimate lie. That kind of freedom, crystallized in a powerful headline for mass indoctrination is a myth, “unless” you step out of the circle of OROBORUS, escape the IXION’S wheel, or as the myth goes, renounce to all knowledge (rational thinking) given to you by Lucifer when he make you eat from the tree of knowledge to make you abandon your eternal life

DIVINE ANARCHY is the expression of the spirit in the cosmos that does not follow hierarchical laws or structure of any kind, and it is only achieved by the extinction of the ego and the acquisition of true spontaneity.

“To be or not to be” takes on a whole new dimension, then, doesn’t it?

Can we do that? Some of us have.

Mediocrity + democracy=Mediocracy

Mediocracy is the mockery of democracy; it is the willing or unwilling mass-acceptance of a mediocre form of democracy. It is the deliberate and unprincipled exploitation of the weakness and ignorance of “the many” to benefit the unapologetic, greedy, bizarrely proud few.

“Mediocrats” were highly visible when we learned that ENRON executives, who were engulfed in money, were making jokes over the phone about how enjoyable it was to take Californian energy users for a ride during the energy crisis.

Mediocracy was obvious when the NAFTA Trade Agreement proved to be hurtful to the American economy with its trillion-dollar deficit and the loss of many jobs to outsourcing. Having not learned the lesson, now the creation of CAFTA (Central America Trade Agreement) will continue to erode middle Americans’ jobs, create more low-wage slavery in foreign country, and make the trade deficit bigger. If you doubt that this is mediocracy, think about SAFTA (South American Free Trade Agreement), It’s in the pipeline!

What an awful mediocrat act it was to turn the sublime idea of freedom with a vision of torture with the prisoners of war in Iraq.

When TV journalists became PR campaigners for the White House, and the TV networks took talent off the air and replaced it with even more right winged talking heads--because the point was not to upset the public in detriment to the truth--that stank of Mediocracy.

Mediocracy is going against the international community on matters of war.

It is Mediocracy on a grand scale when you train it to overwrite the Constitution with a clause to restrict freedom.

Mediocracy is now a fashion trend, popularized by wearing a little flag in your coat, to let everybody knows that you are a patriot.

Are the members of the United Nations Mediocrats after having been named irrelevant by the most powerful country on the world and then coming to an agreement with the U.S. about Iraq, pretending like nothing has happened?

Those who do not recognize the wisdom of the fact that state and religion should be separated are Mediocrats.

I know what the Mediocratic Darwinistic low-life merchants did “last summer”: Create another war. Yes, call them MDM--Mediocratic Darwinistic low-life Merchants, who invented the WMD--the weapons of mass “distraction.”

Brought to you by the Mediocrats the same reality that brings you this: On the June 20th edition of CNBC's "Topic A With Tina Brown," there was a factoid that said that because of the shortage of Catholic priests in the U.S. that they were "outsourcing" prayers for the dead, etc... to India to their parish priests for $5 a prayers.

lucifer -fera-ferum (lux/fero) light bearing,:,light bringing:equi,the horses of the moon,Ov.;manus(of Lucina),Ov.
Mith M.as subst.LUCIFER-feri.(I)Lucifer the morning star,thot Luciferi,the planet Venus,the son of Aurora,,and father of Ceyx,hence:Lucifero genitus.
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